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DW: Ilsa Klein by Zillar DW: Ilsa Klein by Zillar
I am gonna try to rp more with this character. I am most used to novel format/paragraph rp, but I can try to accommodate what others would like to do ; n ;
I have yahoo, msn, and skype. Note me if you want it.



:bulletpurple:Age: Eighteen
:bulletpurple:Gender: Female
:bulletpurple:D.O.B. March 7th
:bulletpurple:Digivice: Handheld camcorder
:bulletpurple:Digital Shard: Reliability :icondigireliabilityplz:
:bulletpurple:Height: 5'5"
:bulletpurple:Nationality: German
:bulletpurple:Group: The Astra
:bulletpurple:Lives: In The Lune dorms, sometimes stays in Astra clubhouse.

Ilsa is a girl with a penchant for morbid humor and is also an avid lover of the horror genre. Most people get used to it—her doctor uncle probably encouraged it—but it does seem to turn some people off. She just seems to have naturally developed a love of blood, monsters, and the paranormal. Despite some of her more obtuse hobbies and interests, she does pretty well in social situations. Assuming you can get past the first meeting and her 'camera in your face' first greeting. Once acquainted with someone she mellows out and she can talk about more normal topics, but is more interested and engaged when discussing her hobbies. In general she doesn't have too many problems getting along with most people, although it is noticeable that she has some underlying trusts issues as a result of her past.

This leads to the fact that she has quite a bit of pent up resentment for her father that sometimes expresses itself in her everyday dealings with people ie. she will probably have what seems like an unreasonably negative reaction to people commenting on her eyes or referring to her natural hair color. She doesn't have too much faith in male intentions to or their reliability to put it lightly. In addition, she can be somewhat unforgiving and hold grudges for a long time.

Despite her shortcomings, Ilsa is a very honest and hardworking girl. She is used to taking care of both her self and her mother so she tends to naturally help others when they ask for it/need it.

-Horror films/books
-Necco wafers
-Ocean/water in general
-Marine animals
-The paranormal
-Her father
-Getting her picture taken
-Romance films/books
-Visiting aquariums
-Script writing
-doing monster makeup
-Painting monster models
-water polo

It all started with your typical man and woman. Suffice to say, it was Leni Arent and Johan Klein who eventually got married and gave birth to Ilsa Adel Klein, and all the rest that came with her. But let’s back up a bit and tell you a little about the parents. Leni Arent was twenty-one and working at a small café/bakery in Dresden Germany. She wasn’t beautiful or breathtaking, but she was still very pretty with medium length auburn hair and laughing light brown eyes. Even without the looks of a model, people were naturally attracted to her magnetic personality. Johan Klein was a twenty-five year old aspiring novelist who frequented the establishment. He was very handsome at the time, with long, fair blond hair, enchanting blue eyes, and a magnificent build. He was easy to get along with, but naturally restless, frequently moving locations.

The first few times they met, it was complete chance. Johan came in often to drink coffee while he typed away on his laptop in the corner and Leni just happened to be on shift. But soon, it seemed like every time she was on shift, he came it. None of her co-workers had seen him since, meaning he was now only coming at that time. Leni just watched amused as he kept on coming in, and kept the conversation normal until he finally got up the nerve to ask her out. Their dating was fast paced and soon, maybe too soon, Leni discovered she was pregnant. Johan was shocked, but at the time he seemed perfectly willing to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, and even sincerely excited. And maybe he was at the time, we’ll never know. Anyways, Leni and Johan had a small wedding while she was six months pregnant.

Three months after the wedding, Ilsa was born with no complications. As was his nature, Johan already wanted to move and so they made a new life in the city of Berlin. The first six years of Ilsa’s childhood were joyous ones. She got all the attention she desired, and became very attached to her parents, especially her mother. She started moving early, walking and running, and some talking. When she was five, it was discovered that she would need glasses, and she also got her first pet fish. In the same year Johan’s book took off. It didn’t do amazingly well, but it did bring in some money and pleased him enough on the surface. Ilsa got enough time with both of her parents and also made a lot of friends in kindergarten.

Two years passed with no great incident, although Ilsa, even though it had only been first and second grade, struggled a bit with reading. She actually didn’t become comfortable with reading until the third grade. The book that helped her through it all was the translation of the rainbow fish. Despite the minor setbacks, Ilsa had thought all was well within her family. It appeared to the young girl that her parents were very much in love, and she was happy. Of course, the girl only saw what she wanted to see. She was ignorant to the growing tension between the two. Of course she knew they yelled at each other a lot, that’s not really something you can ignore, but she tried to tell herself all families went through a bit of bickering, that it was normal.

When Ilsa was nine, her father finally just up and left. No warnings, no goodbyes. He just left her staring at the empty room in the house, the empty spot in the driveway where she had greeted her Papa as he returned from work. Only until much later did she learn that he had found another woman and had moved back to Dresden. That only made it worse. The day her father left was the day when life as she knew it was shattered into a million pieces. Instead of two happy parents, she was left with one grieving one and the knowledge that her father had abandoned their family.

Ilsa’s mother was especially devastated. She couldn’t handle the heartbreak, and took a leave of absence from her job, withdrawing into her house. During this time Ilsa turned away from her classmates and retreated into the fantasy world of comics and got her first taste of horror films. But this is also when she started trying to do her best for her mother. She would do whatever her mother asked, no exceptions, just to make it easier for the grieving woman. For a couple months, it was the young Ilsa who went and got groceries, who got the mail, who cleaned what she could of the house. This helped, and allowed Leni time to get her bearings, move on, and get back to her life. It was hard for the first year, but after while, they could both live their lives pretty normally. Leni got a new well paying job and Ilsa focused on her school work as they tried to move on. The only other remembrance of Johan they had was the month child support checks and the fact that Ilsa resembled him so much.

Ilsa and her mother lived the best way they knew how for the next two years while the girl finished her primary education. And yet, even 3 years later, the home they lived in still had a few lingering traces of the man who had abandoned them both. When Ilsa was about to enter the next stage of her life, that of the pre-teen, two important things happened. First, Ilsa first encountered the Digimon Marmon. Desperate for a friend who would not judge her or her family, she became attached to the small creature rather quickly. Having Marmon constantly by her side allowed the girl to be more than ready to jump at the opportunity for a change of scenery. This was the second important thing which came in the form of a call from Leni's brother Maxwell. A few weeks later he was in Berlin to meet his niece for the first time. Maxwell had lived in America for Ilsa’s whole life working in a big hospital there. The siblings had stayed close even through their exclusively long distance contact and while he had really wanted to finally meet his niece, he also had other news. He had bought a new house that had more room than he needed: he was suggesting his sister and her daughter move to America and live with him. Eager for a new start away from Germany, both of them decided to go for it.

Ilsa had no problem slipping into her new life; although she had an accent, she already knew quite a bit of English that she had learned in school and eventually picked the language right up. To complete her fresh start Ilsa decided to cut and dye the hair that so resembled her fathers. From then on her life was quite average, although she did deepen her love of the horror genre over the years as well as develop a passion for all things aquatic. Once she entered high school she joined the swim and water polo teams and then after practice pretty much filled up her schedule. People often over looked some of her more peculiar fascination with all that is morbid because of her performance on these teams.

After living in America for five years with her Digimon partner Glaucmon, Ilsa finally caught wind of the organizations concerning Digimon that existed in Japan. Having just graduated from high school and previously unsure of what she wanted to do from then on, Ilsa only knew that her Digimon, now Aleomon, had had a profound impact on her life and that she wanted to somehow join one of those groups. She convinced her mother and uncle to let her do extended study abroad in Japan and once there joined The Astra.

Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Near-sighted; wears contacts during the day and glasses at night.
:bulletblue: Her natural hair color is blonde, but she has been dying it red since she moved from Germany.
:bulletblue: Emails her mother and uncle almost daily
:bulletblue: Works on writing scripts or swims in the Lune's pool during her free time. Also trying to watch all Japanese horror films. All of them.
:bulletblue: Fluent in German and English, but she has only learned a few words of Japanese and struggles with it.
:bulletblue: Loves stormy and gloomy weather because she feels it 'sets a good scene'.
:bulletblue: Often films seemingly random things.
:bulletblue: Has another camcorder in addition to the one that is now her digivice. She really wants a more professional one.
:bulletblue: Does 'makeup' tests on herself sometimes and walks around with it. (ie. zombie make-up, fake blood, etc)
:bulletblue: Average/decent in her studies besides Language Arts in which she excels.
:bulletblue: Can't draw for shit, so her scene storyboards are somewhat comical looking.

Digimon Partner

:bulletpurple:Personality: Aleomon is a rather serious and level-headed Digimon. He is used to giving advice and comfort, as he does so often for Ilsa when she is feeling particularly down or just needs someone to talk to. He spends a lot of time observing rather than talking.

:bulletpurple:Weaknesses in combat: Not very fast and has a low range of movement. Has no real offensive long range attacks and thus prefers close range combat.

:bulletpurple:Strengths in combat: Good at taking hits and blocking attacks to take minimal damage. Also excels in using his toxins to debilitate his opponents or at least slow them down. His speed is greatly increased in water.

Marmon (from "Mar", sea in spanish)
Blue Bubble ; sends out a spray of blue bubbles

Fin slap ; physical attack where the fin or tail is used to slap the opponent

Glaucmon (from "glaucus", the genus of the blue sea slug)
Toxic Fingers ; takes hold of the opponent with tendril like fingers that are coated with a poison
Sea Swallow ; alights with a blue aura with wing like shapes around tail, then rams opponent

Pelagicmon (from "pelagic", referring to the pelagic zone of the sea)
—Champion (Main Offensive Form)
Poison Uppercut ; uses his massive arms to deal a uppercut punch, coating the opponent in sprays of paralysis inducing toxins
Sinking Smash ; Grabs hold of the opponent and rams them into the ground. Even more effective in water.

Atlantimon (from "atlanticus", species name of the blue sea slug )
—Ultimate (Main Defensive/transport Form)
Acid Rain ; summons forth a concentrated rain of acidic drops that burn the skin and eyes
Surface Shield ; coats self and/or others nearby in a transparent shield that defends against attacks and increases defense
DeepSea Cannon ; fires a stream of pressurized energy from his mouth.

Njordmon (from Njoror, the norse/germanic god of seafaring)

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